• We put an emphasis on supporting the work of local artists in Holyoke.
  • Performing applicants must have a secured venue in Holyoke when applying.
  • We only accept applications for PASS field trips to institutions in Massachusetts.
  • The HCC supports projects that directly benefit Holyoke residents.
  • We prefer to support innovative or collaborative projects. 
  • Application deadline is usually mid-October of each year (check our website for the exact date).

The Holyoke Cultural Council (HCC) consists of members who were appointed by the Mayor based on their credentials, interest in the arts, and commitment to arts programming in the city of Holyoke. The HCC encourages individuals and organizations to apply for financial support for artistic purposes in its annual grant program, which is part of a statewide grant program administered by the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC). The HCC typically receives requests for grants amounting to more than twice the amount of money available for us to grant. We often have to turn down many grants and award less than what was requested with respect to most of the projects we will fund.

Applications must be typed and either hand delivered or postmarked by 4 p.m. on the deadline day with a signed original and 10 copies for a total of 11 sets. Because of the large volume of grants we receive to review, we ask that applicants only provide one brief set of supporting documents. They can be mailed or delivered to the address shown above at the Mayor’s Office in Holyoke, MA. If you need assistance in filling out an application you may call any of the members listed below.

Mark Dunlap 413-532-7496
George Murphy 413-536-0826
Kim Counter 413-322-5555

location:Mayor’s Office at City Hall
536 Dwight Street
Holyoke, MA 01040